A plug valve is a valve that uses rotational motion in a quarter-turn that makes use of a cylindrical or a tapered plug to begin or cease the flow. While it is in the open position, the passage and the plug are aligned in one line with the outlet and inlet ports of the body of the valve. When a 90-degree rotation of the plug is done from the open position, the plug’s solid section creates a blockage of the port and ceases the flow. These plug valves, when in operation, are identical to Ball valves.

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Plug valves Types

They come in lubricated and non-lubricated designs. There are also many port opening styles.

  • In a tapered plug, the port is usually rectangular. They also come in diamond ports as well as round ports. These plug valves come in cylindrical plugs too. They make sure the greater port opening is larger than or the same as the flow region of the pipe.
  • Lubricated Plug valves come with a mid cavity along the axis. The cavity is fitted with the fitting of a sealant injection at the top and shut at the bottom.
  • Non-lubricated Plug valves consist of an elastomeric sleeve or a body liner. This is set up within the body cavity. The polished or the tapered plug works as a wedge. The sleeve is pressed with this plug against the elastomeric body. Thus friction is reduced by the non-metallic sleeve that is created between the body and the plug.

Typical applications

A plug valve is utilized in several slurry applications and fluid services. Piping systems carrying natural gas, piping system carrying oil, high pressure to vacuum applications and air, vapor and gaseous services are typical plug valve applications.

How do plug valves work?

Plug valves make use of plugs that have a hole that acts as a disc. The rotation of the plug with stem provides on and off. A corker valve is a smaller plug valve without packing. The plug valves are cylindrical or conical, which plug on and seal the pair. These plug valves are simpler in structure, lower in resistance to fluids, and have a rapid on-off. 

Plug valves form variable passageways. A plug valve with common straight through is primarily to cut the fluid off. Fluid reversing utilizes 4-way and 3-way plug valves. Plug valves disc is a cone or a cylinder with a hole that rotates along the axis that is in line to a passageway to off or on passage. These plug valves are utilized in cutting off or connecting the pipelines. They are even used to cut off media within the equipment.

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